Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Obvious Divinely Wise Strategies of President Donald Trump


The President is probably the most powerful American President in modern times. I don't believe the left will be able to uproot his Presidency, as he has put in place rock solid actions and policies with principles and measures that give him a fortified foundation. 

As one man put it, the President has fire-walled himself into the Presidency, cutting off the means for any political body or person to remove him, by a legal or an illegal coup d'├ętat. As an enemy of his put it, his Achilles heel or his one weakness IS his love for the American people. This love is the only thing that can back him down. He backed off the government shut down out of care for federal workers. But, he will only back up so far, for I believe he knows God is on his side, and I personally believe that God showed him how to do points 1-9 below, for God has raised him up for this time, and given him true power in government, so that he may aright the ship, and clean out the corruption in the swamp and deep state, and bring correction needed for the Church in America to fulfill its destiny. 

Consider the following 9 reasons: 

1) President Trump will not break laws as his predecessor did continually. He is constitutional to the extreme. He respects the courts, the legislature, and the executive branches of government very highly, even if in disagreement with the ones he is not in. 
2) He courted the military with love and respect, treating them like sons and daughters, but he will never abuse his military power. 
3) He courted and won over the police when the former President was often at odds with them, siding with criminals frequently. 
4) He aligned the Supreme Court with his way of thinking, appointing strategic conservatives and lovers of the constitution. 
5) He was very fastidious in campaigning for the Senate knowing that midterms for new Presidents go bad and they lose the Senate usually, and he kept the Senate, which protects him from impeachment. 6) He courted the Church of Jesus with love, respect, and honor winning their trust and love and now he and his office is the object of their prayers of support and protection. He is the first Christian President to take a vocal stand against abortion. 
7) He works around the clock and rarely takes a holiday, showing his sincere interest in doing what he was elected to do. 
8) He intellectually runs circles around his political enemies and dribbles the ball behind his back and often between their own legs, in a manner of speaking, and like a chess master, has them 3 moves from checkmate, at all times, which they can never see coming. 
9) The President has the patience to allow his opponents, the Democrats, the media and the deep state made up of both parties to literally hang themselves in the eyes of the American public, where every shovel full of dirt they do to dig him a pit is being laid aside nicely to fill them in, after they descend too deep in this pit themselves with every shovel full they do.

What do I believe is the President's greatest enemy ahead? Socialism, for the uneducated sheeple of America are courting it madly, and they think our President represents a failed capitalistic system which is a lie out of hell. Lance Wallnau once named this President the Chaos Candidate. No statement could be truer, for what the President has directly ahead of him is daunting, but for God, and the praying Church. The points I shared here are why I believe President Trump will be a 2-term, 8 year President. Bless Jesus forever!

Greg Nichols

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