Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Partnering with God - The True Guardians of the Galaxy!

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This book is revelation filled and a meal of truth on every page. Angels are not the true guardians, they only work for and serve the true guardians, which is the Church of Jesus. Debbie and I have released a new book that inspires people to pray and partner with God in saving lives and expanding His will and influence.  The True Guardians of the Galaxy will not leave you the way it found you, as the author has laid out how to partner with God, and how to believe for miracle answers, and what type of things are in our reach to pray and believe God for.  

Read a message from the author, Greg Nichols:

THE TRUE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, the book, is here. Yes, it does sound like a current popular movie title. In this book, I draw parallels between the five characters of the movie, and, the Church. Who are the true guardians of the galaxy? No, not angels, rather the true guardians are the keepers of the garden that God appointed, mankind. Heavenly, God given, dominion is taught and shared in this book. Jesus as Lord over everything is the heartbeat of this book. Seasoned believers who God uses to pray over disasters, catastrophes, elections and evil attacks on people and societies; those are the true guardians. This book is a call to pray. It is full of mysteries for prayer warriors and intercessors, plus, it shares many examples of what God would have the Body of Christ pray about. From tsunamis to volcanoes, to hurricanes and tornadoes and comets and asteroids, to evil beings trying to destroy nations. Find out God's view on many subjects, such as aliens, nuclear war, and much more. How are God's people who move in power like the Jedi from Star Wars? 

Are you a seasoned believer that feels passed by in your calling? God wants to put you to work for Him, in a dynamic 2-part prayer directive laid out in this book. This book allows you to look over myself and Debbie's prayer directives over the last few years and see what God may lead you to pray about. This book is quite outside the box. Did you know that an asteroid passed right through our galaxy between us and Mars in 2017 on April 19? Debbie and I were praying over it as it was happening. This book is a faith builder, and it raises your understanding of your potential prayer calling as you read it. You can buy a PDF copy online for $5, or a spiral bound copy for $10 plus shipping. Get the book and begin to serve God and the Kingdom in ways you never imagined. 


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